Asset Tracking

Proactively monitor your most important assets

The latest technology offered by Phoenix5 enables today's businesses to keep a constant eye on their revenue-generating valuables. Our GPS tracking devices provide users with instant access to the location and vital statistics for valuable personal and business assets 24 hours a day, no matter how large or small they are and no matter where they might be located. Smart businesses like these are turning to Phoenix5's advanced technology to proactively protect a variety of assets:

Jewelers, auction houses, electronics companies, museums, art galleries, and other entities that move valuable assets around the world aboard ships, airplanes, and other forms of transportation are instantly aware if an object goes off track or leaves a premise when it's not supposed to.

Heavy equipment owners and lessors with large, expensive construction site equipment and assets on sites for long periods of time enjoy GPS tracking's prime security benefits such as theft prevention and damage reduction.

Portable equipment suppliers and other companies that lease equipment such as port-a-potties, spotlights, etc. for event and work sites now have the ability to track their assets if or when they are moved out of a designated area.

Shipping companies rely on GPS tracking to ensure that their trailers and containers remain on course at all times.

Hospitals are even choosing our technology as a way to protect vital organs that must be quickly transported between locations.

Companies in every industry throughout the world are realizing the need to ensure the safety of their employees when they are travelling for business. Business executives are valuable assets to their organizations, and when they travel - especially to dangerous areas of the world - they can have the assurance of being able to signal for help and being precisely locatable at any time by their associates and/or loved ones.

For more information on how Phoenix 5 Global Tracking devices can help you protect your assets, call 800-497-6919 or 516-882-5043.