Business Owners

Fleet tracking increases efficiencies and controls costs

With the accuracy and reliability of Phoenix5 live, real-time fleet tracking solutions, business owners can monitor the efficiency of their on-the-road staff and maintain the security of their fleet vehicles and other assets.

Companies specializing in delivery, construction, landscaping, transportation and moving services can all benefit from GPS fleet tracking - it's your round-the-clock, on-the-spot supervisor for mobile workers.

Every day, in so many ways, tracking systems are significantly improving efficiency and fuel savings while maximizing customer service - and saving businesses money!

For fleet owners utilizing GPS fleet tracking, the potential benefits include:

  • Productivity boost – when tracking devices remotely supervise your mobile workers, they stay on schedule, remain more productive and handle more jobs daily
  • Improved customer care - workers get to each site more quickly with minimal detours or unscheduled stops
  • Lower labor costs - actual on-the-road hours are registered more accurately than with traditional time clocks
  • Accelerated fuel savings - driving speed is monitored for maximum fuel efficiency and unwarranted side trips are eliminated
  • Fleet vehicle safety - real-time tracking accounts for the whereabouts of each vehicle in service so stolen vehicles are retrieved faster
  • Elimination of off-hours use - GPS fleet tracking flags any unauthorized vehicle use outside of working hours

Improve efficiencies across the board

According to a study conducted by the Aberdeen Group, business owners who installed GPS fleet tracking solutions experienced significant positive changes:

  • 23% jump in the total number of service calls completed per day per technician
  • 12.2% increase in service profitability
  • 14.8% reduction in average travel time per job
  • 9.9% decrease in overtime pay
  • 27.9% increase in operator compliance
  • 13.2% reduction in fuel costs*

*According to the EPA, each mile driven above the posted speed limit costs 20 cents more per gallon in lost fuel efficiency. Monitoring and controlling speed enhances fuel economy. Also, lessening idle time, which burns .82 gallons of fuel per hour, can add up to even greater savings.

Why pay more than you have to?

Phoenix5 GPS fleet tracking can crack down on waste and tighten up control over your moving workforce.

Losses due to theft diminish

Phoenix5 fleet tracking devices not only monitor route efficiencies and speed, they also protect your vehicle from theft and damage. Statistics show that over 30% of stolen vehicles are never recovered. Those that are found are often returned with significant damage. With a discreet GPS tracking device on board, vehicles are retrieved faster and with less damage.

Other business applications

  • Provide security tracking for valuable art, jewelry or museum pieces
  • Protect heavy equipment which sits unsecured at construction sites
  • Supply tracking devices to workers who travel to risky areas of the globe

Phoenix5 provides highly advanced, reliable, customizable and affordable remote monitoring solutions for vehicle fleets, drivers, traveling executives, equipment, valuables and other assets.

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