Parents and Caregivers

When You Can't Be There, It's Comforting to Know Phoenix5 Is

Do you feel your child, elderly parent or pet is safe enough when you're away from them? How would you like to keep a silent, protective eye on them no matter where you are?

We worry about the ones we love - and want to know they are safe. Whether you are the parent of a young child or a teenage driver or the caregiver of a parent with Alzheimer's or dementia or have a son or daughter with Down's Syndrome or Autism, you want the knowledge that they are safe and precisely where they are supposed to be.

Today's personal GPS tracking devices like Phoenix5 are saving lives every day!

  • For young drivers, they can monitor speed to promote driving within safe limits
  • For those with Alzheimer's or Autism, Phoenix5 personal GPS tracking devices alert the caregiver if the individual has strayed from home or school
  • Our GPS devices conveniently establish GEO fences and keep a watchful eye to ensure that your child or parent has not wandered off or been criminally abducted
  • Even if your family pet runs away or gets lost - a Phoenix5 monitor on his collar can help track him down

Phoenix5 personal GPS tracking devices can also provide reassurance for:

  • skiers, rock climbers, spelunkers
  • individuals who travel to remote countries where personal safety may be at risk

Phoenix5 utilizes active GPS data push technology. What this means is that you are receiving reliable, live, real-time information. Know immediately if your loved one has strayed or is in danger. When one's life may be at stake, the technology must be superior, reliable and perform with 100% accuracy and each of our products was developed with this crucial fact in mind.

We take the fear and worry out of caring and replace it with safety, security and peace of mind. Simply wear the digital watch device or fasten the clip-on device to a backpack, coat or even a dog collar. Phoenix5 can be your trusted cop on the beat watching over those who matter to you most.

For more information on how Phoenix 5 Global Tracking devices can help you protect your family, call 800-497-6919 or 516-882-5043.