Advanced products for a wide range of markets

Phoenix5 has a product for every GPS tracking need, and all of our devices are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that offers reliable, accurate, and affordable GPS tracking. Most of the GPS tracking solutions you'll find below can be customized to meet your individual needs.

Safe Alert Plus

Powerful GPS phone for personal tracking

The most comprehensive medical alert product on the market today providing real-time tracking, speed alerts, GEO fencing, two way voice communication, fall alerts and medication alerts. Provides seniors, the fastest growing sector of the human population, unprecedented security, independence and peace of mind for their loved ones.

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Safe Alert Plus GPS Tracker Features:

  • Provides full GPS data - Real time location, speed, speed alerts, GEO fencing
  • Two way voice communication
  • Unnatural fall movement detector, if person should faint and lose consciousness
  • Alerts wearer to take medication
  • Quad band for international use
  • Built in 3-axis accelerometer for power saving and motion detector
  • Built in GSM/GPS antennas
  • FCC/PTCRB/CE/GCF certified

Safe Alert

GPS voice communicating medical alert device

The Safe Alert GPS voice communicating device is an emergency medical alert product with advanced features for seniors, children and special needs - all packaged in a pendant-sized device. It provides full GPS data, real-time location, speed alerts, GEO fencing, an SOS button and two way voice communication.

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Safe Alert GPS Tracker Features:

  • Provides full GPS Data - Real time location, speed, speed alerts, GEO fence
  • Prominent SOS Button will send text message and make telephone call. Button is labeled in Braille for visually impaired users.
  • Offers two-way voice capability and operates anywhere with GSM coverage
  • Able to receive incoming calls from up to 10 different telephone numbers
  • FCC, TCRB and AT&T approved
  • Applications: personal tracking for the elderly, young children, law enforcement, special needs


The Empower is a real-time GPS tracking device ideal for personal, child, special needs and wandering patients because of its small size and light weight. This device can be worn within clothing or as a pendant.

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Empower Features:

  • Real-time tracking every 2 minutes, 5 minutes, etc
  • GEO fence capability
  • SOS button
  • Fall down detector
  • Dimensions; 1 inch wide x 2 inches long x a quarter of an inch hight
  • Weighs less then 1 ounce


Plug-and-play vehicle GPS tracking device

The Falcon is a device that plugs into a vehicle's on-board diagnostics. It can be moved from one vehicle to another and feeds back data from the on-board diagnostics so that, in addition to fleet tracking, it can send alerts for possible mechanical problems with the vehicle.

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Falcon GPS Tracker Features:

  • Provides full GPS real time location
  • Geo-zone capabilities
  • Reports idle time
  • Reports hard braking/hard accelerating
  • Alerts when maintenance is needed on vehicle such as oil changes, tire rotation, etc.
  • Quad Band worldwide coverage
  • Applications: Any business with vehicles on the road, as well as young drivers

Road Runner 4

Commercial & big fleet application GPS tracking device

The Road Runner is a hard-wired solution that is permanently installed into a vehicle and has four inputs and four outputs to provide the very specialized data required by commercial companies with vehicles on the road. With hundreds of different applications, the Road Runner can disable a vehicle, unlock doors, track driver behavior, determine how frequently a vehicle door opens and closes, etc. This device is perfect for the client that requires custom features and very specific data.

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Road Runner 4 GPS Tracker Features:

  • Built-in cellular and GPS antenna for easy installation
  • Built-in harness
  • 3-axis accelerometer for motion, tilt and impact detection
  • Low power sleep modes
  • Internal antenna configurations
  • Alerts if PTO or other accessories have been activated

Raven 3

Professional-grade multi-function GPS tracker

A military grade product, the Raven 3 is rated #1 in the world. It is the size of a Tic Tac box and can easily be placed inside a backpack, worn on a belt, or put in a glove box or purse. It has full GPS capabilities, speed alerts, GEO fencing, an SOS button, and a built-in microphone for audio surveillance. It also has a built-in shaker switch to conserve battery life when the product is stationary.

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Raven3 Global Tracker Features:

  • Compact size, durable housing
  • Global mapping using the latest 3D maps from Google and Microsoft
  • Geo-fence feature sends alert if device moves from or into pre-defined area
  • Enhanced sensitivity for indoor and outdoor reporting
  • Can be connected to 12 volt DC power for a hardwire connection
  • Built-in vibration sensor for increased battery length
  • Device can be accessed on any computer or hand held device with internet access
  • SOS emergency button
  • Rechargeable, replaceable battery
  • Quad-band worldwide coverage
  • Applications: Personal or vehicle tracking of the elderly, individuals with special needs, teenage dirvers, children, etc.

Owl 2 Micro Tracker

Ultra small, lightweight professional tracker

Ultra small professional tracker ideal for personal, pet and asset tracking. High quality chip set, SOS/Panic Alert button and built in microphone for audio surveillance.

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Owl 2 GPS Tracker Features:

  • Built-in vibration sensor enabling lower power mode
  • GPS report interval based on time and distance
  • On-board memory for 'store and forward' GPS data logging
  • SOS alert button for emergency use
  • Over speed alert
  • Power on/off alert


Quad-band vehicle and asset GPS tracker

The Eagle is an advanced quad band GPS/GSM vehicle and asset tracker that includes a built-in vibration sensor and magnetic reed switch which can be programmed to send out GPS reports when motion is sensed, or when the reed switch is opened. The compact and robust enclosure is well suited for long-term installations in vehicles due to its increased operating temperature range. A built-in microphone enables remote audio surveillance.

For more information call 800-497-6919 or 516-882-5043

Eagle Global Tracker Features:

  • Full featured device suited for demanding, long term tracking requirements
  • Rugged, durable, lightweight casing
  • Dual built-in antennas for greater sensitivity
  • Built-in vibration sensor reduces update transmissions, extends battery life
  • 2 inputs, one for SOS, one for external switch
  • Geo-fence capabilities
  • "Locate Now" features available
  • Very long battery life can be obtained with appropriate settings
  • External panic button accessory enables SOS reporting
  • Applications: Business and commercial vehicle, equipment and asset tracking


Cost-effective locate-now asset tracker

The Hummingbird is an alternative option for certain asset tracking situations and it is an ideal solution for "locate now" situations where continual reporting is not needed. Such applications include new and used car dealers who carry the financial paper on vehicles sold, equipment in the field, and other asset tracking solutions.

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Hummingbird GPS Tracker Features:

  • Very cost effective for basic tracking needs
  • Weather resistant casing
  • "Locate Now" feature available
  • "3D" motion sensor extends battery life
  • Ability to employ an external antenna for enhanced reception
  • Can be hard wired into vehicles
  • Long battery life
  • Replaceable battery
  • Applications: Business and commercial vehicle, equipment and asset tracking

Night Hawk

Personal & Long Term Asset Tracking

The Night Hawk is a very affordable, lightweight real time tracker that provides speed alerts, GEO fencing and panic alerts via an SOS button. Ideal to monitor teen driving, child safety and pets.

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Night Hawk Tracker Features:

  • Lightweight, versatile, reliable real time tracker, GEO fencing, speed alerts
  • SOS panic button
  • Affordable for price sensitive situations
  • Quad Band


Special Needs, Law Enforcement, Asset Tracking

The Cobra is a certified quad band real time tracker with enhanced GPS performance. Provides GEO fencing, speed alerts, and SOS panic alerts. Its superior chip set results in very accurate tracking and is favored by private investigators and law enforcement.

For more information call 800-497-6919 or 516-882-5043

Cobra Quad Band Tracker Features:

  • Real time tracker, provides GEO fencing and speed alerts
  • Built in microphone for 1 way audio surveillance
  • Internal sleep sensor for long term battery savings
  • Store and forward capability
  • 3D motion sensor