Private Investigators

Priceless 24/7 remote surveillance

Phoenix5 provides highly advanced, dependable, customizable and affordable monitoring solutions to assist private investigators in remote surveillance of vehicles or suspects and for tracking valuable equipment or other assets. A GPS tracking solution can be the key to obtaining the information needed to catch a subject in the act.

Phoenix5 utilizes active GPS data push technology. NYC police officer, detective and successful private investigator Bo Dietl, has put his "name" on this product because it provides reliable, real-time data on exactly where a unit or vehicle is at any given time. Investigators can use the detailed reports on location histories to recreate the series of activities that took place while the device was in place.

Private investigators have successfully used Phoenix5 devices to track cheating spouses, keep tabs on the subjects of insurance fraud investigations and for assistance with background checks and child custody cases.

Our GPS tracking devices make it easy for private investigators to compile accurate, credible and relevant data. Also, our tracking solutions are fully customizable so that alerts are signaled in accordance with your preferences and are based upon individually specific GEO-zones and GEO-fences.

Phoenix5 live tracking is accessible 24/7 on any Web-enabled device: desktop computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Powerful and versatile, FCC-approved GPS active awareness and alert tracking technology makes mobile surveillance work safer and less exhausting. It is a private investigator's eye in the sky.

For more information on how Phoenix 5 Global Tracking devices can make your job easier, call 800-497-6919 or 516-882-5043.